DG Switch X Series Weapon Light Switch
    DG Switch X Series Weapon Light Switch
    DG Switch X Series Weapon Light Switch
    DG Switch X Series Weapon Light Switch
    DG Switch X Series Weapon Light Switch
    DG Switch X Series Weapon Light Switch
    DG Switch X Series Weapon Light Switch
    DG Switch X Series Weapon Light Switch
    DG Switch X Series Weapon Light Switch

    DG Switch X Series Weapon Light Switch


    The DG switch provides surgical control of a SF X200, X300, or X400 WeaponLight—without the need to alter one’s grip while holding a handgun. It utilizes an ambidextrous center-mounted pressure pad to provide an operator with easy, center-located fingertip activation. DG weapon light switch replaces the standard rear switch assembly/cover plate of theX200, X300, or X400, allowing the light to be easily activated by applying light pressure to the pressure pad even for those with smaller hands or while wearing gloves. The lightweight, low-profile DG weapon light switch conforms to the shape of the handgu to which it’s attached, hugging the pistol’s trigger guard and adding minimal weight to the weapon. 

    DG Romote Switch: Black DG11 For Glock


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    For easy WeaponLight activation without compromising grip on the weapon

    Ambidextrous dual momentary and constant-on push/toggle switch

    Models to fit a wide variety of common semiautomatic pistol models

    Maintain Your Grip. For surgical control when using an X-Series WeaponLight , the DG Weapon Light switch uses a minimal center-mounted pad. This allows the operator to activate the light with finger pressure without needing to move a finger from the grip.

    Compatible with SF X-Series Weaponlights, the DG Switch Assembly replaces the light's rear battery cap and provides a remote pressure switch to give you momentary-on control without having to move your hand from the handle. The pressure pad switch can be mounted to the handgun's frame just below the trigger guard and is controlled with your middle finger, allowing you to keep your trigger finger ready for use. Installation of the DG switch maintains the light's integrated dual toggle switches to maintain the stock constant-on and momentary activation capabilities.

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