Red Dot Sight
Red Dot Sight Scope For Tactical Airsoft Milsim

Red Dot Sight

High-quality tactical red dots sight with original markings wholesale and retail,And we can produce and customize according to customer requirements

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Reference: SPC-9226-001

AIM M5 Red Dot Sight 2MOA Dot Reticle TAN Color With 1.54"/1.93"/2.26" Leap/LRP/MICRO Mount


The ultra-bright AIM M5 Red Dot Sight ensures clear visibility even in bright sunlight. It features a 2MOA red dot and a closed emitter red dot with a 2MOA reticle, ideal for AIRSOFT and 5.56 NATO applications.AIM M5 Red Dot Sight is a relatively easy-to-use red dot sight.The 2MOA reticle offers enhanced precision and clarity for accurate shot placement...

Reference: SPC-9098-BK

Tactical CompM2 replica red dot sight with MK18 Mount


The Tactical M2 replica red dot sight with MK18 Mount and Original 3D Letter Marking. This meticulously crafted replica offers precision performance and durability. With its MK18 Mount, it ensures secure attachment to your firearm for reliable targeting in any situation. The Original 3D Letter Marking adds authenticity and style to the design, making it...

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Reference: SPC-1169-BK


AMG UH 1 GEN II RDS Holographic Red Dot Sight With Full Markings By SPECPRECISION


Introducing the SPECPRECISION RDS AMG UH 1 Gen II Holographic Sight, a cutting-edge optic designed to revolutionize your shooting experience. Built upon a legacy of innovation and excellence, this holographic sight combines advanced technology with rugged durability to deliver unparalleled performance in any shooting scenario.

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Reference: SPC-1571-BK

SWAMPFOX SENTINEL Green Dot/Red Dot 1X16 Micro Pistol Sight Manual Brightness


SWAMPFOX SENTINEL Green Dot Manual Brightness SWAMPFOX SENTINEL Red Dot is compatible with a wide range of firearms including the Glock 43x and Glock 48 MOS, Sig P365 XL, Springfield Hellcat OSP, Canik Elite SC, S&W Shield 2.0 Optics Ready, Walther PPS M2 Optics Ready, and many other slimline slides with an RMSc footprint.​​​

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Reference: SPC-1563-BK

Swampfox Trihawk 3x30mm Prism Scope


Swampfox Trihawk 3x30mm Prism Scope is a high-quality 3x prism scope that stands out from the competition. Its true 10-degree field of view and 33% greater eye relief compared to traditional military-issue prism scopes make it an exceptional choice for shooters. Trihawk is a reliable, compact, and fixed power scope that can provide accurate shots from...

Reference: SPC-1581-BK

RITON X3 TACTIX PRD Pistol Red Dot Sight


The RITON X3 Tactix PRD is a powerful pistol red dot that will ensure rapid target acquisition and ultimate precision.Designed with an RMR-type footprint, the optic features a precise 3 MOA dot, making it ideal for pistol and AR platforms. For ease of use and functionality, Riton has designed the X3 Tactix PRD with a 4 hour auto shutoff and a top loaded...

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