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Tactical IR Laser Sights & Illuminators And Visible Laser Devices for airsoft. Include Steiner DBAL,bemeyers MAWL,L3 AN/PEQ-15, NGAL And other popular products

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Reference: SPC-1449-FDE

IS-EG NGAL Laser IR Illuminated / VIS Laser Deluxe Ver Hold Zero with 5.56 NATO (.223mm) caliber in stock


EVOLUTION GEAR FACTORY EDITION NGAL. Evolutiongear NGAL Laser,New Generation Aiming Laser .Can hold zero with 5.56 NATO (.223mm) caliber. The perfect appearance and full functionality of NGAL, including visible laser aiming, infrared laser, and infrared illumination.ngal ir laser,ngal laser for sale. orged 6061 aluminium housing and PCB epoxy sealed. We...

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Reference: SPC-1583-FDE

MAWL-C1+ Replica For Firearms IR laser aiming device SPECPRECISION 2024Ver.

2024 New MAWL-C1+ Replica IR laser aiming device,PCB Potted, with the same functional options as the original mawl c1+ laser sight: visible green laser, invisible red illumination, and invisible infrared laser, capable of being zeroed and maintained on 5.56 or 7.62 calibers. Low power is 5mW, and high power is 20mW. The MAWL-C1+ Replica IR laser aiming...

Price $440.00
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Reference: SPC-0831-FDE


MAWL-C1+ Replica IR Aiming Laser/Illuminator For Milsim Airsoft 2021Ver. Nylon Shell


* The appearance of this product is very perfect, and the functions are also very complete: white light lighting, infrared lighting, visible laser, infrared laser, adjustable high and low power, the only disadvantage is that its zero adjustment is may be very small and it is likely not Returnto zero.please do not place an order if you mind thank you for...

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Reference: SPC-0946-BK

Sotac Gear OTAL-C IR Green Laser Offset Tactical Aiming OTAC C IR Military Quick Release HT Mount Fits NATO 1913 Picatinny Rail


The best otac-c replica,Function: GREEN laser Color: black/blown/GY Material: CNC metal Powered by: one AA battery Quick Release HT Assembly Fully adjustable windage/lift Remote Cable Activation Pad Momentary or constant in operation 233 / 5,000

Price $94.00
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Reference: SPC-1304-BK

Tactical OGL Laser Sight For Airsoft Laser Pointer Made Of Metal CNC With Original Markings


Available in black or FDE color options,FUNCTION:Laser Strobe, Laser, Laser+White light,White light Constant-on, White light Strobe,White light Momentary-on, IR Laser

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