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Reptilia Rof-90 30MM Tactical Mount
Reptilia Rof-90 30MM Tactical Mount
Reptilia Rof-90 30MM Tactical Mount
Reptilia Rof-90 30MM Tactical Mount
Reptilia Rof-90 30MM Tactical Mount
Reptilia Rof-90 30MM Tactical Mount
Reptilia Rof-90 30MM Tactical Mount
Reptilia Rof-90 30MM Tactical Mount

Reptilia Rof-90 30MM Tactical Mount


The Reptilia ROF-90 Raiser Mount is a drop-in upgrade for magnified scope mounts.

Reptilia ROF 90 compatible with:

R M R & S R O

HS407, HE407, HS507, HE507, & HE508 Series

Color: Black


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Available initially for Geissele Automatics’ Super Precision 30mm optic mount,

it adds a mounting point for  a R M R to provide a fast, close-range optic to your magnified scope.

Each ROF model is designed to minimize each optic’s distance from the host scope’s centerline, while ensuring enough clearance that the sight picture isn’t obscured.

The Reptilia ROF-90 is a meticulously designed optic mount specifically crafted to elevate the R M R to the standard height of other optics commonly used on AR platforms.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Reptilia ROF-90 ensures a secure and stable platform for your R M R, minimizing movement and maintaining zero under the most demanding conditions. Its robust build not only guarantees longevity but also offers shooters the confidence to perform consistently in any situation.

What sets the Reptilia ROF 90 apart is its attention to detail. The 30mm diameter provides ample room for the R M R, optimizing the sight picture and ensuring quick target acquisition. The design is streamlined to complement the sleek profile of the R M R without adding unnecessary bulk or weight to your firearm.

Ease of installation is another hallmark of the Reptilia ROF-90. Engineered with user-friendliness in mind, it allows for straightforward mounting procedures that require minimal tools, saving you time and effort. The intuitive design ensures that even those new to firearm modifications can set up their optic with ease.

Compatibility is key in the firearms world, and the Reptilia ROF 90 doesn't disappoint. While it's designed primarily for the R M R, it also offers versatility, accommodating various AR platforms and setups. This adaptability ensures that whether you're a competitive shooter, a law enforcement officer, or a hobbyist, the ROF-90 will seamlessly integrate into your preferred firearm configuration.

 Its precision engineering, durable construction, and user-friendly design make it an indispensable accessory for anyone seeking to elevate their shooting experience with the R M R. 

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