SPECPRECISION L4G24 Mount Best Quality L4G24 Replica
    SPECPRECISION L4G24 Mount Best Quality L4G24 Replica
    SPECPRECISION L4G24 Mount Best Quality L4G24 Replica
    SPECPRECISION L4G24 Mount Best Quality L4G24 Replica
    SPECPRECISION L4G24 Mount Best Quality L4G24 Replica
    SPECPRECISION L4G24 Mount Best Quality L4G24 Replica
    SPECPRECISION L4G24 Mount Best Quality L4G24 Replica
    SPECPRECISION L4G24 Mount Best Quality L4G24 Replica

    SPECPRECISION L4G24 Mount Best Quality L4G24 Replica


    L4G24 mount made by 6068 AL. Surface oxidation treatment ,

    1:1 replica according to the original Wilcox L4G24. anti salt spray corrosion. 

    Military Standard. 

    Color: TAN
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    Designed to provide a solid mounting platform with multiple adjustment points.

    One handed operation.

    Low Profile shape on the helmet.

    Fit for OPS Core Shroud / Fast Base Jump Helmet / Standard Mich Mount Base.


    This NVG Mounting System is unique that it provides two modes of operation. 

    The G24 has the famous breakaway feature that provides the wearer the protection from neck or head injury.

    The first mode allows the mount to “break away” from the base under a stressed condition such as getting snagged during fast roping or hitting a hard object when entering or exiting a vehicle or building. With this breakaway feature serious neck injuries and equipment damage can be minimized or avoided.

    The second mode allows the Universal NVG Mount to securely lock the mount to the base.


    Breakaway Feature allows Mount to Break Away under Stress, or to Securely Lock in Place by Means of a Breakaway Lever.

    Lock Release Lever allows NVG height to be easily adjusted up or down, then secured.

    A Mount Release Lever allows the operator to easily set the desirable mode (breakaway or locked), depending upon operational needs.

    An ergonomically placed Flip Release Button allows the Mount to "fip up" to a stowed position when the goggle is attached. This pivot mechanism is simple and robust by design and cannot loosen over time.

    A Tilt Adjustment Knob allows the operator to fine adjust the tilt angle of the NVG.

    A Fore/Aft Release Lever allows for fore/aft travel of the goggle. Releasing the lever allows the operator to set the fore/aft position of the goggle.

    An ergonomically placed NVG Release Button allows for one handed release of the NVG.

    Dimensions (Operational) 3.98” L x 2.60” W x 2.40” H.

    Weight (G24 Mount Only) .36 lb (5.76 oz).

    Vertical Height Adjustment: .900” Total Travel.

    Fore/Aft Travel: 1.10” Total Travel. 


    One piece L4 G24 NVG Mount

    One of the key advantages of the L4G24 mount is its versatility. Designed to accommodate a wide range of night vision devices, it offers a universal fit that makes it suitable for various applications. Whether you're using a compact device or a larger, more advanced night vision unit, this mount can adapt to your needs.

    Installation of the L4G24 mount is straightforward and hassle-free, making it user-friendly for both experienced operators and those new to tactical gear. The intuitive design allows for quick attachment and detachment, saving valuable time when setting up or switching between devices.

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    The SPECPRECISION 2024 L4G24 Mount Extended Version provides a longer adjustment length, and this extended version may increase its height or length to accommodate larger-sized night vision devices or other tactical accessories.

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