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7 hours ago

I own micros, pros, and a host of other dots but this is without a doubt going to be my go-to for future builds. Lightweight, compact and typical hight quality. I actually like the new rocker adjustment for brightness and anyone complaining the lens coating is too blue is really nitpicking IMO.

7 hours ago

What else needs to be said that hasn’t already been said in another review? It’s beautiful, tough as hell, and good enough for Military and LEO use, so you can rest assured in knowing it’s more than good enough to trust your life and the lives of your family to. Just know that if you have astigmatism, the dot will appear as a comma or a blob. The RMR is not broken, your eyes are. Go to the eye doctor and get some corrective Toric lenses.

8 hours ago

Very easy to instal and setup. A single Torx screwdriver bit and an inch-lb torque wrench. 15-20 minutes later, you're ready to visit the local pistol range and zero the red dot sight.

8 hours ago

Have used this on both my 10/22 and a 12ga for skeet. It holds up.

Clarity is pretty good, tho watch out if you have an astigmatism like I might apparently

8 hours ago

I have one mounted on the riser and another gun mounted with the low mount. The shake awake and auto-off is flawless and the dot is easy to find.

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