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SVD/AK PSO 1 4x24 Dragunov Sniper Scope
SVD/AK PSO 1 4x24 Dragunov Sniper Scope
SVD/AK PSO 1 4x24 Dragunov Sniper Scope
SVD/AK PSO 1 4x24 Dragunov Sniper Scope
SVD/AK PSO 1 4x24 Dragunov Sniper Scope
SVD/AK PSO 1 4x24 Dragunov Sniper Scope

SVD/AK PSO 1 4x24 Dragunov Sniper Scope


Very Clear Scope

Authentic Reticule

For Dovetail Mounts

The PSO/ AK 1 4x24 telescopic sight specifically designed for SVD variant rifles that have a dovetail side mount for optic rails. The scope attaches directly to the dovetail mount by releasing the lever, sliding the scope into place and locking the lever back in place.



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The scope has full reticule illumination activated by a toggle switch on the mount, which is perfect for bright/dark environments where you are struggling to see the reticule. The front of the scope also has an extendable sunshade for daytime operations and comes with a front rubber lens cap for transport, and a rubber eye piece for more focused and comfortable shooting. The scope has full windage and elevation adjust by means of 1/4 MOA turrets that are easy to use and turn with a positive click.


4x Magnification

All metal construction

Feels genuine in the hand

Takes 1 x CR2032 battery

Correct ranging/reference chevrons

Rubber eye piece

Extendable sun shade

Protective front lens cover

Adjustable for windage / elevation

Illuminated reticule

Attaches to dovetail mounts

Simple toggle switch for illumination

Adjustable focus

1/4 MOA windage/elevation adjust

Special Instructions:

Please note that this does not fit the CYMA CM.099 or King Arms SVD

The SPECPRECISION SVD/ AK PSO 1 4x24 Dragunov Sniper Scope is a high-quality optic designed specifically for sniper applications. This scope is meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of professional marksmen, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and precision.

Featuring a 4x magnification, the SVD/ AK PSO 1 4x24 offers a clear and crisp sight picture, allowing shooters to effectively engage targets at extended ranges. The multi-coated lenses provide excellent light transmission, ensuring bright and sharp images even in low-light conditions. The scope's reticle is specially designed for bullet drop compensation, windage adjustments, and rangefinding, enabling quick and precise target acquisition and engagement.

The scope features easy-to-use turrets for quick adjustments and zeroing, allowing shooters to adapt to changing conditions and distances effortlessly. The integrated mount provides a secure and stable attachment to the rifle, ensuring consistent performance and zero retention.

In summary, the SPECPRECISION SVD PSO 1 4x24 Dragunov Sniper Scope is a versatile and reliable optic, ideal for professional snipers and precision shooters. Its high-quality optics, rugged construction, and advanced features make it a valuable addition to any sniper rifle, enhancing accuracy and performance in the field.

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