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SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen
SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen

SOTAC M600B Scout Light 600Lumen



Voltage Range: 4.0V~20V;

Peak Intensity: 4200cd;

White Light Brightness: 600 Lumens

M600B Scout Light : A tough, bright tactical flashlight with around 600 lumens, perfect for military and law enforcement use.

Color: Black


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1. High-intensity LED is about 600 lumens, illuminates the darkness with dazzling brightness. Can be used when tactical, hunting,etc.

2. M600B Scout Light comes with remote pressure switch and tail button cap switch, control momentary and Constant-on modes respectively. Due to various tactical needs, flexibility in the actual battlefield is essential.

3. The rugged M600B Scout Light easily and securely attaches to rails via its integral thumbscrew clamp and is activated by clicking its pushbutton tailcap switch.

4. The battery needs to be installed from the lamp head. (Battery Not included).

5. When not in use, please remove the battery to avoid running out of electricity.

The SOTAC M600B is a rugged and reliable tactical flashlight designed for professionals in military, law enforcement, and security fields. With its compact and lightweight design, the M600B is easy to carry and maneuver in various tactical situations. It delivers a powerful output of approximately 600 lumens, providing ample illumination for both short-range and mid-range applications.

Featuring a precision reflector and high-performance LED emitter, the M600B produces a focused beam with excellent reach and peripheral illumination. This ensures optimal visibility in low-light conditions, allowing users to identify targets and navigate dark environments with confidence. The flashlight is equipped with a durable aerospace-grade aluminum body and a hard-anodized finish, making it resistant to impact, abrasion, and corrosion.

One of the key features of the M600B is its intuitive and ergonomic tailcap switch, which allows for easy activation and momentary-on operation. The switch provides reliable and responsive control over the flashlight, enabling users to quickly adjust the brightness level to suit their needs. Additionally, the M600B is compatible with a wide range of optional accessories, including remote switches, filters, and mounts, allowing for versatile customization based on user preferences and mission requirements.

The SOTAC M600B is powered by two CR123A lithium batteries, providing long-lasting performance and reliability in the field. Its low-profile design and streamlined profile make it compatible with various firearms and mounting systems, enhancing its versatility and usability in tactical scenarios. Whether used as a standalone flashlight or integrated into a weapon-mounted configuration, the M600B delivers consistent and dependable performance when it matters most.

Overall, the SOTAC M600B is a top choice for professionals seeking a high-quality, high-performance tactical flashlight that excels in demanding operational environments. With its rugged construction, powerful output, and user-friendly design, the M600B provides reliable illumination and situational awareness in any situation, making it an indispensable tool for those who depend on their gear to get the job done.

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